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Dynamine Capsules Nootropic
Dynamine Capsules Nootropic - Supplements Facts
Dynamine Capsules
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Dynamine Capsules

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Dynamine is an isolated purine alkaloid found in the Kucha tea leaf, but not in black or green tea (Camellia sinsensis).  It's also found in smaller quantities in cocoa and yerba mate. Its effects are thought to be like that of a faster-acting, harder-hitting, shorter-duration, enhanced mood, energy, focus, and motivation.

Methylliberine and its CNS-enhancing relative's caffeine, theacrine, and theobromine can all be found in the plant species Coffee robusta (not to be confused with your morning Coffee arabica). 

Dynamine Benefits 

  • Promotes energy 
  • Supports mood
  • Promotes focus 
  • May help promote Fast-Acting Energy 
  • Increase energy and alertness 
  • Dopaminergic properties, it helps with motivation, determination, satisfaction, pleasure, reward, and drive. 
  • Improve learning, cognition, mental processing, memory, and controls muscle contractions. 

Product Description

In coffea species, the plant accumulates alkaloids and transforms them.  Methylxanthines such as caffeine and theobromine are present in coffea.  The metabolic reactions between methylxathines and methyluric acid produce methylliberine. First, the plant accumulates caffeine, then begins transforming theobromine to caffeine.  Second, the caffeine is replaced gradually by theacrine, as theobromine and caffeine are converted to theacrine.  Third, theacrine dissipates while liberine (O (2), 1,9-thrimethyluric) acid accumulates, and eventually, theacrine is metabolized into liberine.  Fourth, the plant contains only liberine and no theacrine, and the caffeine is converted via theacrine into liberine.  Methylliberine is found in low concentrations at stages 3 and 4 and is believed to be the precursor of liberine.

Dynamine is a new product and there is only one human clinical study that has already been completed and published.  This study focused on combining it with the other alkaloid known as Theacrine and found no adverse effects on heart rhythm, rate, and blood pressure, similar to the results found with Theacrine itself.  Neither are considered classically stimulatory and may provide energy and focus without unwanted cardiovascular effects usually associated with caffeine (the traditional choice of energy and focus boosters).  This study used Dynamine at a dose between 100-150 mg combined with 25-50 mg TeaCrine.

Dynamine Capsules Dosage

Dynamine Capsules provide 100 mg of Methylliberine per 1 capsule.  Suggested use for adults is 1 or 2 capsules daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Dynamine Capsules Side Effects and Toxicity

Toxicology studies are currently taking place for Dynamine.  It is believed to be similar to Theacrine in that it does not affect blood pressure and heart rate like caffeine can.