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Fasoracetam - Nootropic
Fasoracetam - Nootropic - Bars code
Fasoracetam - Nootropic Supplement Facts
Fasoracetam - Nootropic Supplement Facts
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Fasoracetam Capsules

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Fasoracetam is a purported "nootropic" (a cognitive enhancer or smart drug) that belongs to the racetam family. Is currently being developed as a potential non-stimulant ADHD treatment. studies suggest that it may also enhance memory, improve sleep, relieve anxiety and depression, and alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal from drugs. 

Fasoracetam Benefits 

  • Improve memory and general cognition 
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Improve mood
  • Help reduce ADHD symptoms 
  • May alleviate withdrawal from other drugs. 
  • Prevent memory loss 
  • May reduce symptoms of depression 
  • Elevate you focus 
  • Increase learning ability 
  • Works as a stimulant 

Product Description 

Fasoracetam has garnered a reputation in the nootropic users’ community for its ability to counteract anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Many of its users say that they experience a lift in mood, in addition to heightened motivation after using fasoracetam.

As such, fasoracetam has become the go-to fix for people with tasks that they have been dreading to go through with. Once the drug takes effect, that dread is lifted and gets replaced by a calm, determined attitude. Additionally, it also enhances certain cognitive abilities, such as memory functions.

What’s more, fasoracetam’s users do not seem to develop a tolerance or dependence on the drug. This article will let you in on everything you need to know about fasoracetam.

Fasoracetam Capsules

Buy Nootropics Now offers Fasoracetam in 20 mg capsules.

Fasoracetam Side effects 

Fasoracetam is a relatively safe drug. However, some users have reported specific side effects such as headaches, gastrointestinal discomfort, temporary fatigue. 

These symptoms, however, are thought to emanate from the temporary lack of choline in the brain. This is why it is recommended that you supplement with a choline supplement such as choline bitartrate to avoid experiencing those side effects.

However, if you still experience the side-effects even when using a choline supplement, then you should consider ceasing your use of fasoracetam. Remember, your kidneys metabolize fasoracetam; thus if you have any pre-existing kidney condition, it is vital that you first consult your physician. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised against using this drug.